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Seniors are aged 18 – 29 and Masters are 30 and above.  We have a mixed range of Seniors.  Some of our members have progressed through the club from Nippers and Juniors, whilst others have joined recently.

Some are keen on succeeding in competitions, gaining National and World Titles, whilst others are keen to participate at a more leisurely pace.  We are currently undergoing a renaissance in our seniors section, with a surge of new members in the last year.

We entered a record amount of competitors in the Cornish and the Nationals 2010 and gained a horde of medals.  Some of our seniors are Professional Life Guards, and all of our seniors are offered a variety of qualifications such as the NARS.

We offer our seniors the following

  • Flags
  • Surfing
  • Swimming
  • Ski Paddle
  • Board Paddle
  • Beach Sprints
  • Beach Relay
  • Life guarding qualifications
  • Surf boat Rowing

Our seniors attend our dedicated Monday night training from 7pm at the Clubhouse.

Surf Boat Rowing

Within the seniors we have arguably the best Surfboat crews in the UK and Europe.  Our men’s crew has consistently out rowed our competitors since the 1970’s, gaining World, European and National Gold’s every year for the last few years and our women’s crew were the first to win all three major titles in 2009.



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