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Bingo puts the fun into FUNdraising!!!!

July 16, 2011 Posted by Philippa in Latest News 3 comments

What a brilliant Bingo night – We raised £1200 for the Surf Club and the RNLI!  We also sold 100’s of pounds of our new kit and raffle tickets for the car draw in October.  As well as raising a fantastic amount of money, the night was brilliant fun -with prizes, smiles and giggles galore!


Big thanks to Ed, the Bingo Caller – we were a bit intrigued as to what some of the calls meant – like 56 – ‘Was she worth it?’ which apparently means ‘a 56 year old man who has been married for a long time’ (still doesn’t make sense too me!).  There was a bit of confusion over the ‘bung hole’ comment – some hard of hearing misheard (like me) and thought it meant something else!.  A couple of mistakes (33 or 3?) just added to the general confusion/merriment.  But brilliant calls from Ed – well done!!!!!  Lots of ‘Bingo wings’ being flapped throughout the night and an Oggy Oggy Oggy or two being yelled out throughout the proceedings!


Thanks also to the Bingo Belles – our surfboat rowers.  When we decided what to wear – we initially thought of wearing our club kit, then we realised that we normally look pretty rough as rats (speaking especially for myself!) when we are surfboat training and decided to glam it up a bit!!!  After a bit of clothes swapping we managed to each find an LBD (Little Black Dress) and had a few comments like ‘Ere you lot scrub up well!’  Lou Gapp made the ultimate sacrifice – her feet – by the end of the night, she couldn’t feel them.  Lowenna and Jo were last seen traipsing home with a few bottles of cider!  Because the Belles were getting drinks for everyone it meant that the bar made loads of money and there wasn’t too much of a rush.


Speaking of which, thanks to Nikki and her team the at the Village Hall – a profitable night for the bar too!


Adam, the Surfclub Chairman, flogged a load of kit, and raffle tickets for the MARK EVANS prize car draw – October 15th.  If you haven’t got a ticket yet, then they are for sale at the club.  Lookout for the club kit at all club events.


Special thanks to Nick Healey who has provided us with even more ammo for mickey taking.  He thought he had won a full house but had missed a number!!!!!!!


Thanks to all the local businesses that supported us – The Beach Beat surf board was won by Mike Rowe who then sold it to Gary Walters, who has now sold it to John Craze.    Thanks to Falmouth/Porthtowan Surf School for donating a wetsuit, Jane Adele donated beautiful flowers and Brian and Linda from Porthtowan Village Stores also donated a prize.  The Unicorn and the Blue donated meals as did the Fox and Hounds at Comford.  Potager Gardens, Constantine donated tea for two (Kat’s mum and dad will benefit from that!).  Annette and JP donated half day adventures for their new business ‘Lizard Adventures’ . Someone got the prize that I really wanted – an hours horse riding at Wheal Buller! Filmer fish donated a crab, and Kelv won a bottle of delicious champers (generously donated from John at the Rose Hill Lodges) AND a great chunk of meat from L.George Butchers.  Jacqui Treweeks donated hair products from Kids’n’Us hairdressers in Falmouth.   Khalil Isaac donated a bike service and Jules Chenoweth donated £200 worth of supplies from his companies Maen Karne and Cornwall Concrete – awesome prize Jules!   Ed and Colette donated a £25.00 bar tab for their bar in Penryn – Bar 20.   Thanks Jill Clarke for your donated plaque.  It was great to be supported by so many of our local businesses.


There were also prizes from the Eden, Tate, Minack, Skullduggery, Miracle Theatre, Healeys Cider Farm, Lappa Valley, Callestick Farm, Flambards, Newquay Zoo, Blue Reef Aquarium, Hall for Cornwall, Vans, Matix, Finisterre, Seasalt, SAS.


Congrats to Mandy who won £87.00, with the other £87.00 going towards the RNLI.


Finally and most importantly, thanks to all of you that turned up to support the club and the RNLI.  We are sorry that not everyone got a prize – but there’s always next time.  The table to sit at was the Linsey/Sal/Elle/Claire/Kate/Claire/Rebecca/Martha/Laura/Jules table – these ladies play a lot of Bingo and cleaned up on the night – well done girls!  Great to see all the ‘Groms’ there, Ben Sowter has now got a roof over his head – a brand new tent! lots of nipper parents, the gang from Camborne school won quite a few prizes (especially Gail – well done, but sorry Emma x).   The Beach Road possee (Jacqui, Irene, Caroline1 and Caroline 2) all won prizes (apart from Emma again!).  Congrats to the H2OK crew too.  And looking forward to finding out how Shaun Richards gets on at the FlowRider!!!! (bring some photos Shaun).  Well done to the Delves family – Wendy got some lovely flowers, and thanks for lending us the sophisticated Bingo machine.


A BRILLIANT NIGHT – and thanks to all that contributed!  See you all next time!

Dropping Balls!



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  1. colette hartgill says:

    Fantastic effort Phil. Highly slick operation. Think this will have to be an annual event. Had a great laugh with my personal highlight being Nick healy’s close shave with a Full House! Oggy oggy oggy!! Ooops Ooops Ooops!!!

  2. Gary says:

    (who weren’t mentioned above).

  3. Louise says:

    Amazing night, Phil you are awesome! Never seen so many people at a Porthtowan fundraiser before, and willing to spend cash! You’ll all be pleased to hear I can now walk, however not in heels. A GREAT NIGHT!!!!!

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