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Dramatic Porthtowan Rescue!

September 16, 2011 Posted by Philippa in Latest News 0 comments

Check out the live footage of a dramatic rescue at the right hand side of Porthowan Beach this week.  In some of the most treacherous waves we have seen this year, a bodyboarder got into trouble and was rescued by brave and fearless Porthtowan lifeguard Marcus Lascelles.

Hurricane Katia spewed up some massive swell over the weekend and the bodyboarder ventured into rough surf at the beginning of the week.  Once he got into trouble, lifeguard Marcus paddled out, grabbed the casualty, but lost his board under a volley of heavy waves.

Meanwhile Chris Lowry and Ben Sowter launched the IRB, but despite their experience and skill, struggled to get near the waves that were crashing too close to the rocks.

You can see from the footage that the casualty and Marcus made it up on the rocks, but were almost immediately washed off again.  The body boarder struggles up onto the rocks in his fins – but is eventually guided to safety.

Our lifeguards did us proud, putting themselves into danger to rescue others – we are very fortunate to have such skilled, brave and diligent PT  lifeguards – who knows what would have happened if they weren’t ! ?

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