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Pincent Triumphs at Porthtowan!

June 13, 2011 Posted by Philippa in Latest News 2 comments

Sir Matthew Pincent has just left the beach!

Sir Matthew Pincent has had his second venture into a surfboat here at Porthtowan.  We couldn’t quite provide the weather and the warmth of Sydney – his first time in a surfboat, but we did deliver on speedos, waves and pasties.  Sir Matthew (MBE, 4 times Gold medal winner btw) met up at Porthtowan beach with staff and students from Redruth School, as part of the ‘Olympic Dreams’ programme.  After a quick crash course in surfboat rowing with some of the students from Redruth, Matthew got the chance to row in with some of our ‘dream team’ rowers – or should I say that they got the chance to row with him!  Mladen’s comment ‘ he is a machine’ pretty much sums up the Pincent Power as they rowed over a pretty hefty couple of sets.   Gary our sweep did a brilliant job of keeping the line out to the ‘can’, and generously gave Matthew the chance to experience a few hair raising moments on the way back in.  I wish I’d asked him if he had been converted by the drama of wave rowing – but I guess you’ll never beat the thrill of winning all those Golden Olympic medals.

We are pleased to report that Matthew was man enough to don a pair of speedos, but not sure if he wedgied up…

He was last seen being driven to the train station in a black beamer, munching on a pasty and he’ll be next seen on Spotlight tonight…



Comments (2)

  1. Justin Hunt says:

    How cool, was that!!!!

  2. Kim-Marie says:

    Pretty cool indeed, but he hasn’t yet asked for a club membership form…. Strange, I am sure it has just slipped his mind for the moment. Also, I asked if he would row with the girls’ crew next time, and he just laughed. Hmm. You can go off people!

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