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Round 4 UKSRL – Widemouth Bay

August 10, 2011 Posted by AdamR in Latest News, Rowers 1 comment

Round 4 of the UKSRL summer surf boat rowing series looms this weekend – Widemouth Bay, Bude on Saturday evening is the venue for the fun and games. Porthtowan Blue Bali, the defending mens champions, are champing at the bit to increase their lead in the racing. The Porthtowan Black and Blues are planning to increase their existing lead margin, and the Blue Rinsers are going to widen the gap between themselves and Perran, giving the ladies a (planned) first and second. But will the weather be kind? So far, we’ve had chop, cold, red flags and high winds at Porth-it’salwaysflat-cawl; big, messy, windblown surf at Saunton – resulting in obstacle course style racing at Instow on the flat (ever rowed a surf boat on the flat – not much fun), and a nice day of sunshine and little waves at Watergate (shock horror). Magic seaweed is currently predicting 5ft surf (meep), and the weather forecast says 17 degrees, light rain and 19 mph winds. Nice. Looking forward to stripping down to a bikini and dipping my bottom in icy water. Hopefully Bude are organising a good party, with perhaps half a shandy, or even a Pimms to warm up later….see you there.

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  1. Philippa says:

    You didn’t mention Beach Dump in this prediction!

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