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Rowing and running!

June 27, 2011 Posted by Philippa in Latest News 4 comments

The second series race of the UKSRL surfboats was held in Saunton, this weekend.  Well it was supposed to be until everyone rocked up to the beach on Saturday to behold the view of 4 foot waves breaking out all the way to the horizon with a 1 second interval between each wave.  Howling onshore winds and unpredictable waves breaking from all directions didn’t deter our boys crew from testing out the conditions, but their reccy nearly ended in disaster – PT style.  The boys were catapulted from the boat after a nasty wave.  Nick, Ed and Gary all decided that they would like a little swim, from way out back, leaving Timmy and Mladen only one choice – to row the boat in themselves.   Ed got bopped on the head, and couldn’t really remember what happened next, and Mladen saw something white coming out of his leg – was it his bone?

When they returned to the beach, even Gary commented that it was pretty scary out there, and much to everyone’s relief Pete and gang decided that NO ONE was going to be rowing out at Saunton that day.

Plan B was to take the boats to Instowe, at the mouth of the River Torridge and row from there.  This also resulted in a few complications.  Firstly, we had to get the boats across from Appledore, we then had to set the bouys out half way across the river – to avoid the shipping lane in the middle.  Because the races would be so short, some bright spark suggested that we should do a double race, rowing out to the can twice and running to the flags twice  (Obviously this suggestion did not come from someone that actually had to row, or run for that matter!).

It then developed into Plan Double D – Double Distance, all we needed were a few sacks, eggs and spoons and we’d be transported back to 70’s Sports Days.   A lot of sympathy was going out to the bowsmen and women.  Not only do they have to contend with he full impact of the waves when there is surf, but they now had the horror of a trudge through stinking river mud, up to the flags and back, and then a thigh burning row and another run!

With all that out the way, the results so far, are exactly where we want them.  The Blue Bali boys out in front of the league, our fantastic women’s A crew heading up the pack for the girls, and the Rinsers coming in second so far.

The notorious Watergate is the next venue, what will it have in store for us this time?

Comments (4)

  1. Becky says:

    Yay, go PT!!
    *thinks* how would a three legged race work…. no don’t answer that!

  2. Louise says:

    Thigh burning running, and non sliding rowing as legs refused to move when they got back in the boat after the run! Ouch!! WATERGATE PLEASE BE NICE!!!

  3. Louise says:

    Becky, Three legged are no longer allowed due to health and safety. But when has that ever deterred PT?

  4. Philippa says:

    It goes without saying that I didn’t even mention the weather. It goes without saying that whenever the surfboats meet, there will be lashing rain, howling wind and Baltic temperatures x
    WWWHHHHHHY do we do it?

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