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Watergate Wows!

July 10, 2011 Posted by Philippa in Latest News 6 comments

Women’s Surfboat rowing (WE LOVE IT!)

Mention ‘Watergate’ to any self respecting female surfboat rower and it is likely that you will see her face turn pale, her eyes widen with terror and her legs carry her rapidly inland.  Watergate has been the location of broken ribs, smashed noses and the most horrific wipeouts that surfboat rowing can chuck at you and no one looks forward to the prospect of competing there, for fear of total carnage!

But something miraculous happened yesterday at Watergate – the Surf Gods, the Sun Gods and the Wind Gods smiled down on us and gave us the most perfect conditions to row in!

After the usual ‘will we? won’t we?’ dilemma – we rocked up at Watergate to see something that shocked us – 2/3 foot, big gaps between the waves and SUN!!!!!  To be fair, the ‘warm up’ row was a bit hair raising; the Blue Rinsers lost their nerve and the Perran girls capsized, causing one of their crew to take the enviable decision to just chill on the beach instead of  putting herself through the pain and torture of a three race comp.

After a bit of regrouping, (and a scary pep talk from the RNLI) 4 girls crews were ready on the line-up and ready to go -Perran, Bournemouth and the 2 Porthowan crews – the Rinsers and the Black and Blues.  The Rinsers forgot their name in this one, and performed with youthful vitality – out to the can way out in front, thinking they had it in the bag – but, as is so often the case in surfboat rowing – the wave that should have lapped them gently to shore in prime position saw them getting confused and performing some manouvres that would have looked better in a pro surfing competition – late take off into diagonal run, 2 foot aerial followed by a tasty vertical re-entry and finally a floater to roundhouse cutback saw the Rinsers dumped back to the beach in a disappointing second, with the Black and Blue’s capitalising and reaching the flag first.

The Rinsers confusing surfboat rowing with surfing – ‘re-entry- surf speak /going broadside – surfboat rowing’

The second race saw the Black and Blues nail a brilliant first again, with the Rinsers a respectable second, and the third race of the day saw Perran come in first, the Rinsers reach the beach second, but the Black and Blue’s long legged Kimmie streak up the beach to the flags and catch up Pip, relegating the Rinsers to third.

The Rinsers (with a little bit of help from their friends – thanks Kimmie and Jo xxxxxx) nailed the much needed Golden point leaving the scores on the doors exactly where we want them – the fabulous Black and Blue’s way out in front and the Rinsers in second.

The rowing was absolute perfection for all throughout, a harsh section of whitewater to battle through, leaving most of the crews bashed about and bowgirls jettisoned out of seats.  Then a lovely stretch to settle into a rythm up to the can and remember rowing skills ‘fast hands, quick catches’, but with a few sneaky green waves to bounce over.  Around the can, and then meaty waves to catch on the way back.  The only fly in the ointment was the ridiculously long run up to the flags, but all in all Watergate did us proud to provide us with the PERFECT surfboating day!!!!

Jo performing a radical surfboat manouvre – she recovered extremely quickly, carried on rowing and came first in this race (but gained a new pet in the process)!

PS – Sorry Boys – no mention of you today – I was so engrossed in me! me! me! that I didn’t really see how well you did, mind you, did find this gratuitous ‘6 pack/speedo shot’ to cheer us all up xxxx

Comments (6)

  1. JO says:

    Fastastic day through and through :D This is why we love our sport!!

  2. Louise says:

    Love the report Phil ( did Ben tell you the surfing chat bit? ), loved the rowing, loved the commentator saying Gary should have gone to specsavers after he brought the boys in so far down the beach in their first heat! Loved the team spirit from all the Porthtowan girls!
    What a great days racing, never again will I fear Watergate ( ok maybe I will )!
    Ps the boys won!

  3. Mike says:

    Our first time shooting you guys in action. What a great day! If you haven’t already done so check out the pics on follow the link from the home page’


  4. Colette says:

    Fantastic reportage Phil on a fantastic, highly memorable rowing event!! Bring on the summer!

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