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Wave Hub Interviews – Please participate

December 6, 2011 Posted by AdamR in Juniors, Latest News, Rowers, Seniors 0 comments

A PhD student from Plymouth is doing a survey about Wave Hub for Plymouth Uni – please help out, by reading the post below, and contacting him.

My name is Kit Stokes, I’m a PhD student at Plymouth University.

As the Wave Hub is nearly up and running we are doing some research into the opinions of water users in the Porthtowan to Perranporth area, with regards to whether or not they have heard off the Wave Hub, what they know about the Wave Hub, and what they think might happen when the Wave Hub is operational.

I’m looking for people who use the beach (specifically Perranporth, Porth Towan, Chapel Porth or St Agnes) regularly for surfing, swimming, lifesaving, kayaking etc (or any beach/water activity) to take part in a short interview. These types of people are really important to our research as we feel they understand the beach and the sea very well. It doesn’t really matter if they know anything about the Wave Hub to start with, their opinions will still be really valuable to my study.

They will be asked to take part in a 30 minute interview about their knowledge of the Wave Hub and what they think might happen when the Wave Hub is up and running. The interview will be annonymous, in that I will be the only person who knows their name, so they can say whatever they want and shouldn’t feel like anyone will judge them for it. The participants will have to be over 18 (due to ethical clearance).

I will be driving up to the Perranporth / Porthtowan area quite a lot over the next few months and would really like to do interviews in person, but I can also do a telephone interview if people would prefer that. Unfortunately I can’t offer any money for participation, but people will get the satisfaction of knowing they have been involved in some scientific research that aims to educate coastal decision makers, and could protect your beaches in the future. I will also buy them a coffee or hot chocolate if they want!

If anyone is interested, please drop me an email at –

or call me on 07972 266481.

All the best;


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